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    Basic Electricity - Ivy Tech Wabash Campus

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    Name: Basic Electricity - Ivy Tech Wabash Campus
    Date: August 24, 2017 - December 14, 2017
    Event Description:
    This class is a good entry level class for industrial maintenance technicians.  It is a prerequisite class for Motor and Motor Controls, which will be offered in the spring semester.  It is also a prerequisite for Programmable Logic Controllers I.

    CATALOG DESCRIPTION: The study of electrical laws and principles pertaining to DC and
    AC circuits is the focus of the course. This includes current, voltage, resistance, power,
    inductance, capacitance, and transformers. Stresses the use of standard electrical tests, electrical
    equipment, and troubleshooting procedures. Safety procedures and practices are emphasized.
    MAJOR COURSE LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Upon successful completion of this course the
    student will be expected to:
    1. Demonstrate proper safety precautions related to equipment. [c]
    2. Define the following terms: voltage, resistance, current amperage, direct current,
        alternating current, and power supply. [a,e]
    3. Identify electrical components and form a schematic diagram. [e,f]
    4. Identify types of electrical mechanical switches (SPDT, DPDT, etc.) [e]
    5. Use Ohm's Law to calculate voltage, current, and resistance problems. [a,b,e]
    6. Perform voltage, current, and resistance measurements using the proper measurement
        devices (both analog and digital meters). [a,b]
    7. Calculate voltage, current, and resistance in simple series, parallel, and series-parallel
        circuits. [a,e]
    8. Create a schematic drawing and complete single phase AC electrical service connections
        including meter bases and service panels. [f]
    9. Explain the basic principles and operation of transformers, resistors, capacitors and
       diodes. [a,f]
    10. Describe the concepts of both DC and AC inductance and capacitance. [a,f]
    11. Calculate values for AC and DC resistive, inductive, and capacitive components. [a,e]
    12. Assemble and test laboratory exercises including building single phase AC switched
         circuits, and circuits using mechanical relays. [a,b,e,i]
    13. Use meters to identify and measure results of AC and DC laboratory exercises. [a,b]
    14. Demonstrate ability to read and interpret technical documents. [b,e]
    15. Demonstrate ability to use various types of software applicable to course. [a]
    Ivy Tech Wabash Campus.
    Date/Time Information:
    Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 9:50 p.m. starting August 24 and ending December 14 at the Wabash Campus.
    Contact Information:
    Ivy Tech Wabash Campus - Pam
    Cost:  $548.55
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