Policy for Ribbon Cutting/Groundbreaking Ceremonies:


     The Chamber will hold Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies for its members to celebrate a business opening, relocation/expansion, major renovation projects, or other milestone celebrations, as requested.  The Chamber will work with the business to obtain marketing information to provide to the media as approved by the business member and the Chamber President.  Invitations to the ceremonies will be sent to all members, board of directors, volunteers, and elected officials as desired by the business.  The Chamber shall make available an application for a ribbon cutting ceremony to be filled out by the business with a minimum of two-week notice for said event.

     The Chamber shall also be available for Groundbreaking Ceremonies for new businesses, regardless of membership status, in the interest of supporting and promoting economic growth.  The Chamber shall actively engage in building a relationship with those businesses and to seek their membership investment when the business opens.  The Chamber shall be an active public relations partner in marketing these events.

    Please provide at least 2 week's notice.  Best attendance occurs on Wednesday-Friday between 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. or Fridays at 9 a.m. but we will work with your schedule to match your business needs.  Please complete the form below and submit request.